Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Executing Ideas

Sometimes when you know you have a lot of ideas in your head and you want to just put them to test,it doesn't always goes as expected.Execution of the thought may or may not always be an easy task.Many times it is good to have a planned idea and follow it to have a smashing result.In my case I started with the idea of writing this blog because I love to write and the knowledge I have for graphic design can be the best possible thing I can write about.But I was not planning properly,I wrote few articles in the beginning and then came work deadlines and suddenly there was a dearth of ideas to write on the blog.

I do not have fancy tutorials to share or a lot of followers on this blog but doing this makes me happy and I can share my thoughts with the people from any industry they are from.
So the plan now is to make this blog a weekly activity and I will write about things which are interesting enough to be mentioned here.It can be anything from design to philosophy or travel.

So hope I keep up with my planning and execute the idea of blogging on a regular basis.

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