Wednesday, 9 January 2013

10 good Graphic Design tools

Everyday I start my work without even noticing how much I am dependent on certain tools I use.Once I started writing this blog I just realized that i am not only thankful for the presence of coffee in my life I need software and resources to keep my work flowing smoothly.When I start working on projects I use a lot of online resources and software to help me complete my work.So I am going to list some resources or tools I consider very helpful.

1.Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop: 
Adobe software's help you in creating everything from vector to editing raster images. I use Illustrator most of the times. If you want to make logos then use illustrator for better quality.Photoshop also a favorite and the new version has some cool add on to it.

2.Sketch books:
Always carry a pocket size sketch book with you and scribble notes or make little sketches. Thumb nailing also helps when you are trying to brain storm an idea.

3.Font Resources:
I keep on using fonts for my projects and every project requires different font. is an awesome website to help you get the right font. Whatthefont helps you finding font in a particular image or a logo.

4. Workflowy:
I have recently come across this website which helps you segregate your brainstorming thoughts. Initially I did not realize how helpful it is but now I use it often while brainstorming.Its easy and free :) so do try Workflowy.

5.Lorem Ipsum Generator:
I use this online Lorem Ipsum Generator for dummy text in brochures,newsletters etc.

6.Color Resources:
Colors are very important element in design.There are some very good websites which offer color swathes.Adobe Kuler,COLOURlovers and are my personal favorite.

7.Design Blogs and communities:
I often follow a lot of blogs and participate in communities like Dribble and Devianart. This helps in getting to know whats new and what things i can learn from good designers all over the world. Abduzeedo is a very useful blog with design inspiration and tutorials.

8.Vector resources:
My work often requires using vectors of different kind and sometimes when I need reference or I feel I can use a better vector resource available I go to or for my vector downloads.

9.Printing services:
There are some useful online printing services like which have saved me a lot of time and delivered everything on time and has good quality.

10. Online team Handling sofwares:
I use and skype often to manage my work. This helps me to share the progress of the work and free flow of work with clients.

So this is my list of useful resources if there are some good tools I have not mentioned,Please feel free to comment and add them.Hope it was useful:)

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