Sunday, 20 January 2013

Dribble Invite giveaway
Hi all I have one Dribble invite and I have the honor to draft one new designer.So in the comments section below write a short introduction about yourself and why you want to be on dribbble along with a link to your portfolio
I will mail the winner and announce the name on twitter.
All the best :)
Thank you all those who have sent me their portfolios and are still sending them.You all have such great talent.
I will be announcing the drafted designer by end of this week.


  1. Hi Tina!

    My name is Björn Lisinski and Ive been working professionally with both web, design, interfaces and illustration since 2000.

    I would love to get invited, as an extra boost and help now when im starting my own business(for the first time). It feels really exciting.

    Here is my portfolio.
    If that doesn't work ive got some at behance
    im currently sketching on the one that im gonna use for my company.

    Heres my dribbble profile

    Thank You!

    best regards /Björn Lisinski

  2. Hi,
    my name is Tom I would like to join dribbble community.

    I love simple and good quality ideas. I mostly specialising in game design.

    My works:


    game design

    Dribble profile

    Thanks for time, Tom.

    1. woaaaaw.... your pyroman woaaaw... I was going to apply too, but your talent is... fuckin' amazing man!

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  4. Hi Tina !

    WHO - my name is Yehuda and i'm an interactive designer i love 2d/3d art game art web design and UI and actually any pixel related stuff :)

    WHY- well it's great place for inspiration and meeting talented people all over the world and hear their point of view on you work... and i think those rebounds now and then are fun too :)

    my portfolio :
    my dribbble account:


  5. Hello,

    I'm Irina - 2D animator and illustrator from Bulgaria.

    Would love to get drafted on Dribbble because I want to share my work with others, see their feedback and get better at what I do.

    Dribbble account:

    Thank you,

  6. Hi there!
    My name is Arstan. I'm a graphic-designer from Kazakhstan.

    I've been looking for dribbble invite for about... let's say a long time :)
    Want to be the part of community! To share with works, ideas and inspiration. Make friends. And simply be in touch with other creative people.

    Please help me if you can.

    Thank you!

    Here are some of my shots -

    My account on dribbble -

  7. Hello there,

    Dribbble username : 91bilal
    Dribbble link :

    My site :
    My profile :

    My first post on dribbble will be :

    Why choose me?

    I'm most passionate about typography.
    I love the concept of skeuomorphism in UI design.
    I'm falling in love with the flat style design (metro-esque design)
    I love reading daily blogs about visual metaphors in design.

    Only thaing missing, THE only thaing missing, is ze dribbble opportunity. And you can give me that opportunity.


  8. Hello Tina,

    I would love to be the newest member of Dribbble. I am on the website daily. Please see my website. Thank you for your consideration.

    Robert Zaharychuk

  9. Hi there

    My name is Oleg and i want to be a member of dribbble. Hope you will like my work, you can see one on this link

    I have more interesting projects so if you will choose me i will share on dribbble.


  10. Hi,

    I'm Kenil having 6+ Years of Exp & love with UI/GUI/UX. Believe design is not just a business it's Creativity which is coming by born. I need dribbble invite to improve my work quality more & more. I want to be a part of creative guys.

    Really I m very exited to get this. Feel Free please take a look here:
    My website:
    (It's under contractions but you will get good work here.)

    Thank You..

  11. Hi,
    I am an italian autodidact web designer from Turin, Italy.
    Dribbble it's not been only a source of inspiration for me, it's been a way to meter the quality of my work: I always watched the beautiful work produced by great designers and always wished I could reach that skill level. I think that I have now reached an adequate level to be a part of dribbble.
    I want to be a dribbble member to get my work critiqued and to get better myself. I also think that I have enough knowledge to be able to critique work made by others in a good and constructive way.
    But enough talking, here's a shot:

    I'm in the process of redesigning my own portfolio, here's the current state of the redesign of it:

    dribbble profile:

  12. Hi Tina!

    My name is Cristian Kempf and I work mainly with branding.

    I want the invitation because I know how dedicated I am in my work.
    Would join the Dribbble to interact about my projects that are in progress, see new things, have new experiences that add more to the final quality of my work, beyond contribute what I know to others. I count on you to make that a reality.

    My portfolio link:


    1. Hi Cristian,
      You have a dribble account?

  13. Hi there, here's our portfolio:

    We'd really like to get on Dribbble to show previews of our projects and to get in touch with great designers.

    Thank you,

  14. Hi Tina,

    My name is Brianda, I'm a graphic design student and I'm working in a new project called Workplace Creatives, hoping that soon we can make it a design studio, also I work as a frelancer.
    I found dribbble like an inspiration, so I'd love to be part of it, so here you have some of my work, I hope you like it

    Brianda Maldonado

  15. Hi Tina,

    I saw your post on dribbble and would like to be drafted!!!

    My name is Chen Huang and I am a student in the graduate school of design in Harvard. I like designing beautiful and useful interfaces and want to pursue it as my career after graduation, which is in May 2013.

    Take a look at my portfolio here:

    My dribbble profile page is:

    Thank you very much!


  16. Dear Tina,

    I wish you can get me that invite because I wanna die a player!

    Most of my work is Digital UI/UX design (
    you can check all of my work there but thats not the point, I need dribbble to show the process and experimental as well as rejected work as well. See also a temporary blog before I get that invite:

    You can draft me here

    Anticipating your positive response and Look fwd to that invite.

  17. Hey Tina,

    Take a look at some of my works:

    My profile:
    Hope to get drafted soon.

    Thank you so much!

  18. Hi :)

    Working with app design every day, i feel that Dribbble would help me improve a lot.
    Theres so many skilled designers to get feedback from.
    I work everyday to get better, and im very passionate about my projects.

    Heres my portfolio, is it worth an invite?

    Søren Clausen

  19. hello! i cant speak english well, i'm russian( so i just want ask you to help in my design begining!

    heres portfolio
    heres dri—le


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  21. Hook it up! plz :)