Thursday, 10 January 2013

From Zero to hero:How to be a good designer

I am still wondering what are the terms which define a successful designer. In my experience if your work is good then whatever the kind of work comes your way,the outcome will always come out to be good.Everyone has their own way of working and these are just my thoughts and things I have learnt from my freelancing experience.
There are certain traits which will always come in handy in your work whether you're a designer or in any other profession.Always have love and passion for the work you're doing because nothing can replace that from reflecting in you and the outcome of your work.Also there are some experiences and lessons I would love to share.

1. You will be Critiqued:

People will talk about your work and sometimes it good and sometimes its bad.Not every client will love your first draft or the final outcome irrespective of the fact that you kept awake all night completing it.If one person does not like your work may be other will,its always about difference of opinion and choices.I use to be sad after a certain client feedback or criticism from someone over my work thinking ' how the hell would they know,I have put so much effort'.But as I kept on working I realized that only take constructive criticism and develop a thick skin otherwise self doubt will cloud you.Also its just an opinion from others and that gives you a fresh perspective towards your work and as a result the outcome of your work will only improve.

2.Be true to your work:

Learn to be honest to your work do not use short cuts and whatever the situation be always be fair to your work.Ask your self if you have put your best in the project ? If you can push yourself even more to think over an idea.


Always have strong work ethics.Be disciplined and if you are not able to get a lot of freelance work then try joining design communities and learning new skills.Use your knowledge at the best.

Keep a schedule for your self and work out everything in a organized manner.Your work should always reflect originality and think it from the clients perspective,you will choose someone whose work is fresh and new rather than old and copied.

4.Enjoy your work:

The best way to keep yourself fresh with new ideas is to enjoy it and interact with people.The world is full of new ideas and you're free to get hold of them.Communicate your ideas through your work.Tell stories in forms of illustrations.Think how you could have made a certain poster in your way or designed a website according to your colors. Possibilities are endless and ideas are infinite.

These were my ideas and what I have learnt from my experience.Hope it helps and If you like my article or have more ideas you would like to share then feel free to comment.And tell me what have you learnt from your experience?

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