Sunday, 6 January 2013

Was freelancing a good decision? 

Well I use to think working on my own would be an easy task but after a year of freelancing as a graphic design I believe its not easy to go on your own but its not impossible also. After a years struggle I am finally getting the hang of it.Every day was based on trial and error.Biggest obstacle of all was to find clients who would love to work with you and understand how much effort goes in to designing and later on came the other part where Client handling,Presentation and asking for payment comes.

None of these stages were easy.First client I met was through Facebook, as excited as i was I started my logo designing for this jewelry store.But I did not fix any charges nor were my efforts taken into consideration and it was a big mistake on my part.Why I did such a blunder now I ask my self, it was probably because it was my first assignment and I thought no one else will give me work.I was wrong I got more work after this and I learnt that self doubt was not the right thing to do.

After that incident I never doubted my ability and never let any client start their work without defining my role as a designer for their logo or cooperate identity.

I make sure that I use all the lessons learnt over the past year in my profession.Which are:
1. Never lose hope on your work no matter what the client decides.
2. Always keep on learning new things.
3. It doesn't matter if have not learnt designing or any form of art,If you love what you do, you will eventually learn everything.
4.Love coffee:)
5. Keep certain rules while dealing with clients over payments.
6. Never be afraid of anyone's criticism what I have seen over the years is that it improves my work a lot.
7. But also don't take every criticism seriously, some people don't even know what they are criticizing .Only listen to the people who matter.
10.There will be times when you will not have work for days and months  and that's the best time for you to learn and use your skills for something better which was waiting for you all the time.
11.Never be jealous.always admire the work and strife to achieve that excellence.

 In the end I feel Freelancing was a good decision.I have learnt so much and I know I have alot to learn even more:)