Monday, 14 January 2013

Ooh Logo 
Did some tweaking and color change on the logo for Retro Rewind Cafe.For the colors I chose shades of brown and gave it a little subtle texture for a distressed look.
I love making logos and there is always something interesting about every logo.It has to firstly represent the company in first glance.A good logo is like the face of the organization and the best part about creating them is the process involved and the end result.Brain storming,sketching out ideas and finally the first draft.The time involved during this process is very precious and its important to keep in mind every detail which you have discussed with your client.
Color preference,Fonts or symbols all of them should be in place to have the right balance or it will look out of place.Some time minimalism has the best impact.Easy to view and understand.But every client has it own requirement and no two projects are same.

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