Sunday, 10 March 2013

How to face your failures and what not to do with the rejected projects

When I started working as a freelancer I had little experience of all the failures and rejections l would face later on in my career. My inexperience and initial phase of self doubt were the biggest obstacles faced by me. This was eventually curbed as I started working on smal design projects and started getting more bigger projects eventually but that happened after I made my share of mistakes and got to learn from them.
It was not an easy journey but learning is always fun.

So how did I utilize my experience and chanalized it in making my work more efficient. The key is not to give up and when your at your lowest thats when you have to pick yourself up and start all over again until you succeed.

First draft is the initial look of the project I present the client with and from here the discussion becomes more important because this will help you in underatsnding the direction of your work.

During the initial few projects I had kept an open mind towards the criticism and feedback I would get after the first draft. Through this process I learned the importance of asking questions.  If you ask the right questions to your clients you will be able to give more knowlegde about the result they are looking for.

Never worry about the criticism which you will get from others. Try to focus on your work and bring out the best in you.

Even if a project fails to reach a definate conclusion. Use it as a learning experience. There is absolutely nothing which will go to waste. That same project might not be liked by one person but to someone else it can be the most interesting thing they might have seen.

Be creative. Take chances because you never know how things turn out.

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